Spellerberg Associates

Clyfford Still Museum

Case Study

Located in Denver, Colorado, the Clyfford Still Museum holds the most extensive intact public collection of any major artist. Our work progressed throughout a five-year engagement, beginning in 2014 with a website redesign and redevelopment. We then took over maintenance and the webmaster role. Additionally, we developed several web-based projects for in-gallery use, including a touchscreen video kiosk platform and the digital catalogue for the Works on Paper exhibit. We played a support role in the deployment of their online catalogue and award-winning podcast A Daughter’s Voice.

Our engagement took place during a phase of growth for the Museum. At the outset, Executive Director Dean Sobel expressed his vision that the Still could become a pilgrimage destination for art lovers. Working in close collaboration with members of the internal staff, we developed the Museum’s digital presence into a robust reflection of the Museum’s role in the cultural life of its home city, and a resource with a national profile.

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